Get Portuguese residency with NHR

Rebase is a new, safe, and easy-to-use platform by Nomad List for becoming a legal and fiscal resident in countries that want to attract remote workers. By removing lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, and numerous fees, Rebase helps remove the friction of moving residency as a remote worker around the world and creating the first immigration-as-a-service (IaaS) provider.

This is our first product to help you get Portuguese residency and we'll be expanding to other countries attractive to remote workers very soon.

Right now, Rebase Portugal is open to people from anywhere in the world who already have high-skilled remote jobs (like tech, software developers, UX designers, copywriters, etc), as that's who the Portuguese government is trying to attract.
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After submitting this form, you will be redirected to complete payment for your first onboarding call. After succesful payment our immigration lawyers and tax experts will contact you on your email within 7 working days to schedule the onboarding call. Use coupon code LAUNCH50 to get 50% off